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Our children's rooms

The children are grouped according to their age and developmental stage. Two interconnecting rooms on the first floor accommodate our babies and little ones up to 2 years old, while a separate sleeping room provides peace and quiet for rest periods.


On the ground floor, two interconnecting rooms accommodate our 2–3 year olds and pre-school age children (3-5 yrs), allowing for both small and larger group activities. The children in these age groups are also free to choose between inside or outside spaces, providing opportunities for lots of investigation and exploration.


Baby rooms

In the baby rooms we follow the children’s own routine concerning sleeping and feeding and encourage play which allows the children to explore and discover. Having two interconnecting rooms allows for a wide range of activities, including quiet time. The staff actively interact and play with the children at this age, regularly changing and adapting activities to maintain interest.


The nursery practitioners in this room follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Birth to Five Framework and encourage development, without compromising on fun. Messy play is a firm favourite! We also take the children outside to play in the garden every day.


Our last OFSTED Report stated “Staff stimulate babies' curiosity by creating many opportunities for sensory exploration"

Over 2's and pre-school rooms

For our over 2 year olds the environment and practices are set up to encourage active, varied play where social interactions come to the fore. The two connected rooms allow for imaginative games and collaborative play between the age groups, as well as small group activities. Resources and activities are easily accessible to the children in the rooms and garden, with free flow between the two.


Our nursery practitioners follow the EYFS Birth to Five Framework and plan activities to give their children an appropriate mix of both adult led and child initiated learning, both inside and outside. The daily routine is designed to give the children a combination of stimulating activities, free play and also quiet time for a rest or sleep.


Small group activities for our 2 to 3 year olds encourage the development of social skills through sensitive encouragement from staff.

One to one learning and both small and larger group activities are provided for our Pre-School Children (3 - 5 year olds). This gives children the opportunities to build independence and social skills in preparation for school.


Our last OFSTED Report stated, " Staff ensure that older children have opportunities to discover and guide their own learning"

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